Concrete Sidewalks

The Susaya Construction team has laid countless miles of concrete sidewalks across the state of Connecticut, so we’re confident in our ability to provide high-quality concrete flatwork.

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Concrete Curbing

Susaya Contruction can provide high-quality cast-in-place curbing as well as granite curb installation, whichever suits your needs.

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Stamped Concrete

In addition to normal sidewalks and walkways, the Susaya Construction team can stamp concrete with various patterns from [I FORGOT WHO, OOPS].

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Community-Focused Construction

At Susaya Construction we make it our mission to provide the highest quality concrete flatwork, not just to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, but also the people and communities who will depend on our work. From the prep work to completion, we put love and care into all of our projects to ensure their safety and longevity. Our utilize our 40+ years of experience to create high-quality infrastructure that holds up even under the wide temperature and weather conditions we face here in Connecticut.