Accent your landscape with curbing to add a distinct look that clearly divides one surface from another. Susaya Construction can provide you with either concrete or granite curb work to suit your aesthetic needs.

Benefits of Curbing

Curbing not only adds to the beauty of the landscape, but also acts as an effective root barrier keeping grass any other vegetation where you want it.  This can protect your sidewalks, walkways, and other nearby surfaces that are susceptible to damage caused that can be caused by weeds or grass. These concrete and granite curbs will increase the durability of your landscape and any related concrete flatwork.

We pride ourselves on our done right attitude and so we strive to provide the best quality curbing to suit both residential and commercial needs. Extruded curb is prone to popping out of the frozen ground during Connecticut’s cold winters, so we do not offer extruded curbing as a service. Instead, we offer cast-in-place concrete curbing and granite curbing in order to provide you with the highest quality, most durable solution.